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Pros and Cons of Ice Auger Carrier

Best Ice Auger Carrier Mount for Sale!

Works with Four Wheeler, Snowmobiles & UTV’s

Ice auger carrier mount


  • Carry your ice auger with you
  • Fits nearly every ice auger created
  • Easy to mount and stays in place
  • Avoid problems, losing your auger or damage by using this carrier
  • Leaves room for other ice fishing gear & equipmentFeatures:
  • Comes with all the hardware that is needed
  • Grooves and clamp that allows you to snap your auger into place before you head off
  • Adjust the pressure from the clamp to fit the frame of the auger
  • Frame is made from a high strength, light weight alloy aluminum material
  • Made in the USA


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If you are planning to go ice fishing with your buddies and your fishing equipment includes an ice auger, you might need to invest in an ice auger carrier. It is a carrier where you can conveniently lock your ice auger, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and move around finding the right spot to drill your holes and catch some fish. There are many different types of ice auger mounts & racks and the choice depends on the requirement and convenience. There are pros as well as cons of owning one of these carriers with different choices and preferences available in the market.

We have found the best most durable and easy to use ice auger mount available. It is our Digger Anchor Ice Auger Carrier. (available at ) The Ice Auger Mount for ATV, UTV & Snowmobiles is also for sale at Visit the product page HERE.

Digger Ice auger mountYou can It will lock and keep the auger on board and secure avoiding bangs and most importantly, the equipment do not get damaged. With the help of this carrier, you can safely get to your ice shanty or ice shelter without having to drag and pull it on your own, thus transportation becomes more convenient.

Though there are many benefits of owning an ice auger mount. Some other carriers are heavy and become more burdensome instead of it being the aid for carrying the ice augers.  Other carriers might not be as universal, easy & quick to mount your Ice Auger. You also need to consider the price of the carrier as the product should give you justice for the price you shell out. It is always advisable to check different brands and types before deciding on which one to buy but in the end the Universal Ice Auger Mount from Weeders Digest is the best option.

There will definitely be a wide range of choices available so choose wisely. After all, your fishing experience should not be hindered by unexpected mishaps or inconvenience. Good preparation and planning with the carrier handy will ease your journey and a safe fishing trip. For more information on a variety of ice fishing gear – including ice auger holders, just visit

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