Ice Auger Rack carrier for ATV or Snowmobile

The Pros and Cons of an Ice Auger Carrier

If you are planning to go ice fishing with your buddies and your fishing equipment includes an ice augur, you might need to invest in an ice augur carrier. It is a carrier where you can conveniently lock your ice augur, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and move around finding the right spot to drill and fish. There are many different types of ice augur carriers and the choice depends on the requirement and convenience. There are pros as well as cons of owning one of these carriers with different choices and preferences available in the market.

Travelling around the bumpy roads and terrains, you would definitely not want the ice augur to scratch or damage your car, spill gas from the mobile and just be another burden for you, which is when one of these ice augur carriers comes in handy. (available at ) It will lock and keep the augur on board and intact avoiding bangs and most importantly, the equipments do not get damaged. With the help of these carriers, you can easily get the ice augur or ATV to the ice shanty or ice shelter without having to drag and pull it on your own, thus transportation becomes more convenient. The carriers are usually very handy and versatile. They are easy to set up, light-weight and adjustable with different machines. It can also be rotated so that when not in use, you can hang the augurs in the ice shelter or shanty.

Though there are many benefits of owning an ice augur, one also needs to keep in mind the disadvantages that come with it. Some carriers are heavy and become more burdensome instead of it being the aid for carrying the ice augurs. You would not want to drag around additional equipment while going out fishing. Some type of carriers might not be flexible of adjustable making it difficult to use it for multiple equipments to be transported. You also need to consider the price of the carrier as the product should give you justice for the price you shell out. If its costly yet do not meet most of the requirements, it is always advisable to check different brands and types before deciding on which one to go for. Durability should be an important criterion as you will be using them seasonally and storage time would be greater.

There will definitely be a wide range of choices available so choose wisely. After all, your fishing experience should not be hindered by unexpected mishaps or inconvenience. A good preparation and planning with the carrier handy will ease your journey and a safe fishing trip. For more information on a variety of ice fishing gear – including ice auger holders, just visit

Ice Fishing Auger carrier for ATV, UTV or Snowmobiles

Ever get stuck when your ice fishing, because of that heavy Ice Fishing Auger (or Ice Auger)?

Your auger can be burdensome and even dangerous to carry inside of the cab vehicle, gas can be spilled and somewhat tedious to tie down to your grill or tailgate. Additionally, if you don’t mount the auger when traveling you can cause it to be damaged or even ruined by having it possibly bang up against the gravel highway.

Finally a new solution has been invented for this problem which is causing waves in the ice fishing community. The project is found at and that displays a revolutionary holding system for Snowmobile’s ATVs, Rangers or UTVs that helps ice fisherman haul or carry their Ice Fishing Auger and other gear out to their fish house or ice fishing spot, conveniently from their mode of transport. Ice fishing has never been easier due to technological advances like the Ice Auger Carrier, and now you can get that ice fishing equipment and ice fishing gear like the ice auger carrier, out to the location without having to waste time lugging it by hand or affixing it improperly to your vehicle. The entire ice auger holder industry is abuzz about this new invention, check it out now by visiting the website or calling 877-224-4899!